As a first post, I will track back my first three months here in Bahrain. What, I am here 3 months already? That was fast.

So I came here September 2010 with the dire hope of marveling on something new. Yes, Eat, Pray, Love got me going and up on my feet. I felt stuck on a job that I knew wasn’t best for my sanity. So I took the cue from Ms. Gilberts and explore a whole new world where my mother and brother are thriving already. This I did to enliven an already dampened spirit.

With eyes closed, I jumped off and landed in the sandy land of Bahrain. Darn, that was hot! literally! I felt the first Middle East heat out from the airport. I was “somehow” ready for the high temperature after reading some literature about this country.

For every country I go to, the first few signs that I am already in another country are the signages letters and the people. At the airport, signages were bilingual, I saw what I believe are Arabic letters and then I saw people in their national costumes. I really am in the gulf.

Roads were clean and of high standard-good sign. Then I came in our 2nd floor flat, and voila! all shining shimmering glittery and Arabic! There were carpets all around, sequins and complex detailing on every textile, furniture of particular, unmistakable Arabic make! I really am here!

Then immediately, without room for rest, we went directly to City Centre, which is Bahrain’s newest mall, for dinner. There is definitely a distinct Bahraini or Middle Eastern face, which they can equally say is true for Filipinos.

Energized to be in a new place.

Next days to the next posts.