I’d like to believe that Indians are the second biggest population here in Bahrain, Pinoys probably third. This is based on the frequency by which you will see them. The ubiquity of Indians here make me think at times that I am in India. Where there is activity, they are there. I feel oversaturated at times, the same way I feel when I was in Hongkong, China, and Korea. I grew tired of the small eyes of the Chinese and Koreans as I do with their chocolate color, dark, wavy, puffy hair, and slacks-polo outfit on a thin structure, not to mention those distinct eyes.

But I have high respect for these Indians. I think they are the most hardworking species in this planet. They do the most difficult jobs there is, toiling under the middle east sun, the most physically tiring, and the saddest part would be, the most underpaid.

At one point as I wait inside the car for the Indian guy to finish washing the car, I suddenly felt that although Filipinos are everywhere, millions of OFWs to back it up, away from families to provide for a better future, our people are luckier to be not in the bottom of the human resource hierarchy. We may have housemaids rampant around the globe, the men of these other nationalities are in a more unbelievable state.

I don’t mean to compare. Of course these Indians represent the biggest companies, too and are occupying important positions just like other nationalities, but with their number I cant help but see the extremes.

No offense meant. I salute Indians workers in Bahrain. they deliver my Nestle water, bag my groceries, sell for me in the cold store, serve my food, clean my building, just to name a few. If an article has been written on “A World Without Filipinos” I could say the same for “A World Without Indians” equally big losses.