So it took me 3 months to realize that it would be a good investment to document my stay in Bahrain. Somehow meaning also to share my accumulated knowledge on the where, the what, the who, the when, and the how in this place for future sojourners to this place or perhaps you who has been here what, a month or a week?

You would want to know where Filipinos buy what Bahrainis call our “ethnic goods” like Mama Sita sinigang mix or Chippy. We buy these goods in Carre Four in City Centre by the way. There’s an aisle inside specially designated for Pinoys. But I also see a lot of our products scattered in various stores, the market for example. I am not yet adept to the names of the roads or the places so pardon my ambiguity in directions. I am just 3 months old, to be exact, today.

For basic needs, mom said there is a more affordable place in Manama, but despises the quality so she never went back.

Well, we do just about everything in City Centre. It has been the SM for us–one stop mall.

Grocery especially the perishable items, it has more, I could say, fresher options;

shopping for clothes, Forever 21 on sale items seem cheaper here;

pay the bills for Batelco (internet+ landline, mobile line), load for Zain prepaid sim;

withdraw from BBK atm;

fast food meal, although we think Seef Mall has a better food court;

things for the house, we opt for Home and the (insert name here when I remember) just across.

So far, what I have deducted is that City Centre has been sustaining my existence.

They have in-parking carwash services just like in Glorietta, mainly manned by Indians.