This is a general observation. They are not very mindful of their parking position. They usually occupy two parking lanes wherever parking lot it is. Then at an Iranian Souq that we went, as I was waiting for mom to return, I witnessed a classic parking style. The driver immediately as he was able to spot a lot for his car, drives in to the space diagonally, quickly, without utter regard for measurements and approximation. He drove directly, braked, lifted the hand break, switched the engine off, opened his door, dropped his shoes ahead of him to the road under him, and shoed in. You can just imagine the position of his car, occupying a great amount of lot, without approximation if the other car’s door can still be opened, or if his tail end is still out and at risk for an accidental hit for being way too out.

And this is not an isolated case. I have seen a whole lot of “misparked” cars. As a result, my brother will deliberately park to the far end where there are the least number of cars, to the farthest area, where little will want to locate themselves, for the smallest probability of being hit by the door opening mindlessly hitting and scratching the side of our vehicle.