Then there is yet another story where in a narrow parking area, our car with three other cars on our tail was being approached by another car, apparently with a female local driver. In a long stretch of the narrow road, we are almost in the intersection of our turn, way out, but a newly approaching car of this local suddenly blocked our way causing immobility for both parties, with more cars inconvenienced in our side. On a natural course of traffic, the silent rule would be that the new in comer would have to drive back to give way. But in this scenario, the other end just wont move, expecting our side, plus 3 other cars to move back so that the lone car of hers can proceed. She even went down from her car to make a statement.

My brother already irritated by the turn of events, plus the nagging thought of insensitivity of the girl just struggled to signal to the other cars to his back to move so that they all moved to give way when it could have been easier if she did.

It has been a trivial mystery and so we theorized that maybe the Bahraini females are used to being treated like queens and princesses, royalty, for that matter, that they automatically assume that men should and always will adjust for their convenience.

For a female raised in a progressively gender sensitive, fight for male-female equality, society, this forced me a head motion of disapproval. This is totally a cultural gap if our theory is true.