On a brighter side, Bahrain has the best parking lots ever! Each parking area is a car show! We even saw series of cars parked side by side, all of which are wow, expensive, just awesome cars! Like they use race cars to go to the mall or eat out. The road is a total eye feast. Top down to your left, Mustang to your right, Porsche to your front, Dodge Charger for the police car, Camry for a cab, you just wont throw any car away! Honda seemed very ordinary, everyone’s everyday car.

These cars have some need for speed issues! You will not or seldom see a vehicle lower than 2.0! Charge that to the abundant supply of petrol! They can just burn oil away!

Cars here are necessities, not just a privilege for the rich. Well everyone seem rich so everyone has it. I have resolved to comparing their image of cars to our take on mobile phones, disposable, replaceable, something that everybody has. This is the same reason why they are not as vain to cars as we are. for us cars are luxuries, while for them, it’s just a means for transport. If it gets scratched or wrecked, the insurance can either pay for the repair or they can just get a new one altogether. This may also deduce their mindless approach to parking, you think?  I think.