There was a nagging desire in me for DVDs one day. Pardon me, but a movie enthusiast that I am, I need to be at par with the latest movies shown to date. Being new in this country did not make my feat that easy. I have been asking my mother and brother to join me experience the Bahrain cinema but they don’t share my love for it.

So I need a solution, an alternative. DVDs I thought. There must be DVDs somewhere, right? Finally, Dasman became a paradise for me. There is one corner where an Indian guy burns the movie of your choice, and good choices he has, and clear burn, too!

Filipinos and Indians are true brothers, through thick and thin, they are always together. To my delight when I saw that this same Indian guy has Pinoy DVDs, too! From where he got his copy, that I do not know.

This simple pleasure isn’t cheap in any way. He sells a DVD for 1BD, equivalent to a hundred pesos. What a girl to do? 1BD is better than nothing, or a 5BD movie treat. Cinema experience is a real pleasure here. I wonder what’s special inside the hall. Maybe there’s a free popcorn with a lucky gold cheap, yes? I would have to see it for myself. I’ll tell if I have.