So I have been obsessing about DSLR since I came here, well even before that, actually. I visit per my brother’s advice for great deals. Just one fateful morning, after a long time of not checking for new electronics offering, I gave in to Nikon D5000, after dreaming about D90 and totally felt it impossible for the mean time. SO for the love of photography, I checked for it, and there saw a reasonable price. I forwarded the details to my brother, and approved of it.

I suddenly saw myself dialing the contact and conversing for a meet up. We met up in a petrol station in Juffair. We got there first. The voice in the other line seemed very preoccupied and busy, I just ruined his schedule I think. Blame it on my excitement to get hold of my first DSLR camera, and hey I will be shelling out moolah for it, so it is but right that I am the boss!

There, the guy went down of his car. I initially thought he was Filipino, asked him actually and revealed his Singaporean citizenship. Great deal it is. He is a photographer for the king, bought is as a second camera for his wife who doesn’t know how to operate. Bought just this second quarter, very slightly used, well taken cared of, plus with so much freebies which he has invested on, all given to me! He also gave a quick run down of the basics, taught me some tips. Despite my struggle understanding his accent, I labored for the free lessons from this experienced fellow.

I love my camera. Ive been obsessing learning about it; reading through all that I can, practicing at whatever subject I can see. It was a practice camera after all.

My first few shots are visible at the Flickr link. Yes, those pictures to your right. I daydream befriending a professional photographer and just talk about it all day, learn professional tips, and just experience his photography brains!  Are you? Let’s be friends! : ]