Immediately after coming from Juffair buying my DSLR, I posted at the same an ad for my iphone, per my brother’s orders. After approximately 3 hours, I can clearly recall the swift progress of time, somebody called up interested to buy the phone. I set for a meeting, this time we came for him as he is working at that hour. We went to a Wrangler Saloon, in Juffair, again (Juffair is beginning to feel like a good business prospect)!

There I met a good-looking guy, which I eventually learned is a Lebanese. I immediately blurted the truth about people in Lebanon being all good looking, with him to back it up. He was easy to talk with, easy transaction, quite sweet of him to buy it for his Filipina girlfriend. He had high regards for Filipinas; all has been good according to him. He praised us for being true to our word, to come as we said (he lashed others who threw him empty words).We did what we have to do and left. He invited us to come in the bar, but we begged off.