One ordinary day, my officemate asked if we heard about what’s happening on February 14. Seeing the stunned look on our faces, she directed us to google the keywords “February 14 Bahrain.” We did like children under spell.

There was a full list of search results that appeared before me. The first link that I clicked said “A Day of Wrath.” How odd that it has to fall on a day of love.

Don’t blame me if seeing a day of wrath and February 14 together seems like a mismatch for me. From where I came from, Valentines day seat beside February 14 with a heart icon on it. Thoughts of flowers and reds, balloons in heart shape, lovers holding hands, and sparkles in every girl’s eyes remind me why February 14 is more than just another day.

But to hear that the same day that brought giggles and butterflies to my youth is going to be a historical day of revolution in this country says tons.

I am not at all new to demonstrations. Having spent four years of college in the rally-leading University of the Philippines, a crowd in rally does not worry me.

But I am desert miles away from home. I am yet to be accustomed to the way the local people’s minds work. It is only through learning culture and traditions that one can consummately understand
its people’s thought process. I am worried because I don’t know how they go about these things; how people react; how it usually ends.

Speculations say that it is a domino emotional effect from Egypt. Some say people just want change. Others say they want more from the king. Rumor has it that the king will address the public on the 12th to try to appease the demonstrators.

I don’t know. What I know is that good and bad doesn’t have a date. People who get surprised are those who face life unprepared. Anything can happen on the 14th, though here’s hoping nothing major like Egypt does. Moreso that middle east does not grow into a terror-striken region.

We all just want peace; we all want change for the better. We all want a life based not on fear but on love. It is a far reaching goal that can only be achieved when every single person commits to it.

Now I’m wondering if the joined prayers of Christians and Moslems can do wonders at this threat to harmony and zen.