Thursday, February 17, 2011. The boss said he’ll let us know if we have to go to office today or not. The alarm rung, but still no call. Half awake– half asleep, I was waiting for the boss’s call for my go signal to prep up. Nothing. I stopped the alarm and resumed sleep.

The entire evening I was like being lullabied by the sound of a helicopter circling our sky. I hear it every time I return to consciousness. At 9 in the morning, I decided to finally rise to charge my dying 5% phone battery, just so I can read news tweets. After all my mom’s alarming news of explosion and the news saying there are military tanks around the city are enough to put me alert, awake, not so enthusiastic.

If I were in the Philippines, I only have to turn the TV on and would know the exact situation through the media lenses. I cannot depend on local media here. If there was even any coverage, I would not understand Arabic.

I decided to come bring mom to work today so I can roam around and see what’s happening in Bahrain. I brought my camera, of course, just in case.

Trashes, bins in the middle of the street


Remnant of slippers and litters


This is what happened to a once very clean Bahrain roads

No street sweepers for today. The place is a mess.


Curious. What's that?

Banner paint? These litters left a sign of chaos

Looks like blood but just paint


We went to the Pearl Roundabout where the protesters camped out. The Pearl Roundabout is a strategic venue since it leads to major business centers in the country, the biggest malls included.

Bahrain's landmark: The Pearl Roundabout

To our inconvenience, these roads are blocked so everyone is rerouted. We tried to come closer to see the density of people, but we are only allowed to an extent.

Rerouting. Road blocks. Police visibility. The pearl is off-limits

We were able to see parts of the tents where they camped out.

Campers' tents. My lens can only zoom this much. Days when you wish for a more appropriate lens.

There were tractors on the site, too, looks like clearing the area.

That yellow tractor clearing the Pearl Roundabout

There were several police groups assembled around the city.


Police in blue on a tactical meeting?

Blue police uniform looks nice! On a serious note, they're pretty serious at what they do.

Pulling out even officials? Maximizing police force.

Of course there was inevitable traffic due to rerouting.

Those times when green is go but you can't move.


That's a do not enter sign, but we're headed there. Reroute.

Black flags, black is scary.

What happens tomorrow?