So that’s why helicopters are on 24/7 lullaby up in our sky—it’s the king’s intelligence.

Helicopter 24/7 Patrol

From up there, they can check of any crowd build up and immediately alert the ground police to disperse any accumulating group. They won’t mind helicopter petrol, anyway. They have the luxury to roam around the sky all month long, if they want! #BottomlessOilSupply

Yesterday, February 18, for yet another boring day staying indoors, we drove around the city to personally update ourselves. Roads then blocked are now passable, streets have been swept already. It was a calm, peaceful sight, we were able to say doomsday is over.

Then we got to The Pearl roundabout, the strategic Bahrain landmark, and gasped whoa! Our senses heightened as the microscopic eyes of my brother saw military tanks lining the periphery of the roundabout.

I struggled to refocus my eyes to see, and there as we approach the area, saw flags of red and white raised atop the military tanksssss!

From where we are, this is the zoomest my camera can get

Slowly, I get to realize the abundant number of military men in fatigue looking our way, as we are the lone car traveling their direction.

We kind of got intimidated. I kept my camera hidden because the last time we were there, taking photos were forbidden. We were asked to leave the vicinity as soon as they saw me clicking the shutter. Of course I understand. They don’t want the world to see the chaos.

Almost, but not quite. Miltary tanks lined up to block the area for possible protesters build up. This is also to protect the landmark.

This time, paparazzi mode is on. I stole shots when no one’s looking, so I got lots of blurred photos; add to that, I am clicking in a moving car. I struggled to zoom, 18-55mm limitations. We got so close one point that the whole military tank-men view is just one weak stone throw away, but they were all looking at us, I can’t get myself to put the cam on my face.

We were tempted to drive back just for the photo but decided otherwise, because maybe this time they’ll cease us, wondering what’s with the constant check on the site. That’s more trouble explaining we’re not to be charged espionage, or worse, they’ll get my camera! Oh NO!

We went straight ahead and got so pleased to see that what’s ahead are effortless shots on military tanks lined along the road in regular interval. It’s the whole war drama. Each tank has men in the hole watching like they are anticipating opponent. Then on the ground are men, in fatigue, with helmet on, walking back and forth within a line of responsibility with gun on hand on a firing position.

One of the militay tanks, brand new I must say. We were joking that it is a welcomed opportunity for the army to finally see the city, away from the sandy desert they are stationed, and to finally maximize the military expenditures. At least they get to see where the budget went. #RPMilitaryBitterness

More tanks down The Pearl

I had to adjust my shutter speed as I have to take the shot in car motion.

Temporary lodging for the men in green

Questions as to whether the Formula 1 will push through are being raised now that peace and order are compromised.

The Pearl roundabout is visibly clear as of this time, well under control of the military. No protesters can penetrate. We hope they open the roads rounding it soon so we can all resume to a more normal living, without fear.
At the site of these young men in the field, playing Cricket, who are we to think the protest in Bahrian is severe? This is human proof that mission terror is not fully accomplished. And please remain this way. It’s a nice thought to have lived once a life in the middle of a war, but to live in peace is a better one.

So far, Helicopters are still up, the surrounding calm. There were pro-king protesters on convoy, boy do they parade with their topdowns and luxurious cars!

Will this end soon? I don’t know. Some say it will persist so long as the the Prime minister is still in position, the impoverished Shi’ite majority still poor and not heard, and if reforms do not materialize.

This is not new to me. We’ve had more violent protests and rallies in the Philippines crying for the same things–reform. It has always been the poor, the “disadvantaged, who are screaming for change. This is just another political rally which just happened to be between two different Moslem groups.

I hope they make amends soon. Allah won’t be too happy to see his children on a fight, right?