Know and save the numbers of the coordinators near your area. Reach out. Coordinate. Be a Filipino for every Filipino.

Here are the contact details of the assigned coordinators for all OFWs in different areas in Bahrain. Save, download and print these contact sheets for reference and share to all Pinoys in Bahrain. Contact these people for questions, concerns, and updates regarding the situation in Bahrain, in coordination with the Philippine Embassy in Bahrain.

In case the telecommunication services get cut like the previous day, contact thru the email addresses provided. These community leaders are in direct communication with representatives in the RP embassy in Bahrain through whom messages for the entire Filipino community in Bahrain are relayed.

Let us help one another. Let us help the Philippine Embassy help the Filipino Community in Bahrain. Let us do our share by looking after ourselves and the people we know:

Be informed, seek information.

Follow the advisories.

Be prepared as advised by the leaders and officials.

Coordinators 1/2

Coordinators 2/2

Here are the series of advisories from the Embassy of the Philippines in Bahrain. Listen only from the people of authority to prevent panic and misinformation. Accurate information leads to better judgment.


Advisory Letter No. 11

RP Embassy Advisory No.10

RP Embassy Advisory No. 9

RP Embassy Advisory No. 7

RP Embassy Advisory No. 6

RP Embassy Advisory No. 5

RP Embassy Advisory No. 4

RP Embassy Advisory No. 3

RP Embassy Advisory No. 2

RP Embassy Advisory No. 1