Before all the chaos that hit Bahrain, we were just pleasurably wandering around, looking for spots to discover, another great find, perhaps. Thanks to our monthly FACT Bahrain subscription, they led me to Amwaj Marina Market.

There were a lot of colorful, interesting stuff being sold, and the PR-awardee of a stall owner told us it was all for charity. It wasn’t priced for a market rate but for THE expat market.

Oldies but goodies

Canvas and Talent

Authentic Jordanian Stones (or one of the Middle Eastern neighbors)

There were a lot of multi-national individuals and families there, too. All came for the relaxed Saturday marina mood, with shopping and entertainment on the side.

Children a(r)t-work

Henna and the baseball-cap-stand-of-a-traffic-barrier

Then there was some kind of a dog show. Irresistible awesomeness!

What you looking at, person? (ya, slang-kinda dog)

ooohh playmate!

I had to capture a portion of that fluffy little softee!

When masters have to kneel down to their dogs

It was also a place to mingle.

Besos y abrazos

A place for fashion.

Market in style!

A place to photograph.

A photo. of a photographer.

And a place for weird stuff, too!

Like posing men..

and whatever that means

It was a sunny, bright afternoon, all peaceful and serene. It was February 5, 2011. Who would have thought, that months after, the peaceful, progressive Bahrain will be surrounded by military tanks, restricted by curfews and military check points.

Bring back the bright and sunny Bahrain. We just want to pleasurably wander around, look for spots to discover, another great find, perhaps, AGAIN.