So I’ve been creating a number of website account names and forever unable to use my exact name, Jayme del Rosario. There is always that someone who got it first, and worse, other varieties are taken as well.

This has become more annoying on Twitter, where varieties of the name (Jayme, Jaymedr, JaymedelR, etc) are unusable to the nth degree!

So, instead of fretting, I tried to Google these rightful owners, my namesakes, and see for myself what they are up to.

Then I felt appeased discovering that those who had the privilege to use the name for their websites are rockstars in their own rights! That I don’t have to share the name with someone who builds up criminal records for us. : ]

Exhibit A: Jayme del Rosario the sketch artist (The major perpetrator. She’s got the dotcom! Kidding, Jayme : ])

screen shot from

Exhibit B: Jaymee the music artist

Jaymee Dee’s Youtube channel

They’re both really great talents! I’m impressed!

I found several others who were lawyers, writers, business tycoons, all bearing the name Jayme (and its variations).

I love the name. It doesn’t stereotype into just a male or female’s.

It’s dumbfounding as well to have sort of alter egos in the other side of the world, introducing themselves the same way I do. And rocking their own worlds, at that!

What’s more amazing is that these namesakes are into arts–it’s a consolation that a namesake is living the dream, the frustration.

Yes. I’m a frustrated artist. I felt like I have all these ideas on what to draw, but just can’t execute; the same way that I have my own music renditions in my head; and dance choreographies, but just not gifted enough to turn them into pieces of art. : ]

Well, I digress.

So yes, try looking for your doppelganger or namesakes. It’s fun. MJ was right, you are not alone.  : j