I happen to pass by City of Angels on cable and gush how it’s been an all-time favorite. So I decided to blog about my ALL-TIME FAVORITE MOVIES– all those I do not mind watching over and over and still elicit the same response.

Here goes..

City of Angels First word: Love



Forrest Gump First word: Awe


The Green Mile  First word: touched


Shrek First word: happy!


Mulan  First word: inspiration


Armageddon  First words: father’s love


Well there’s a whole bunch of list actually, a movie buff that I am. Those are at least the first titles that come to mind when asked the favorite movie question. Yes, I’m a sucker for feel-good movies. For me that’s the point of sitting down and spending hours of time– to feel good. Relax.

Of course there are times when mood calls for something moving, soul-enriching, or downright profound. It really all depends on what the mood wants. The mood’s the boss.

What are yours?  What is that movie that elicits the same response it gave you when you favorited it the first time?