My First Home-Made Cookies

After 27 years, I have finally mustered the courage to do one of my life’s intimidations—baking.

I have this picture of complicated set of steps, overwhelming manipulation of the oven, and a preconceived notion that it requires a certain level of palate talent to come up with a successful baked goodies.

I don’t know what triggered but I just found myself Googling cookie recipes and screen-capturing ingredients so that it will be handy for when we randomly visit the grocery.

And then we went and my supportive mother succumbed to buying the electric mixer (it helped that we saw together Dra Belo operate the mixer on Kristv. She has a serious case of appliance-buying compulsion, or simply buying, at that : ]).

Then I woke up today and read a tweet by Oprah saying, “Devote today to something so daring even you can’t believe you’re doing it.”

Don’t judge. Baking is daring enough for me. You see, I don’t have a culinary talent at all. My cooking skills can’t save my dear life.

So I opened the sealed mixer box, excited enough to try anything new, activity or machine. And proceeded belting out “How Do I Live” by Trisha Yearwood on the iPod as my background, obsessively following instructions on my screenshots, iPhone snugly and strategically positioned in front of me.


I was in disbelief seeing how easy it was. It was just mix and burn actually, wondering why I was so intimidated to try it before.

Now I have a lot of baking ideas to experiment in mind, void of precise recipe, just scientific intuition.

It pays to have learned basic chemistry concepts in college, having experimented on emulsification, leavening agents, or how acidic and alkaline substances (or simply, chemicals) react with others. It made my understanding easier. So I didn’t feel like a robot following commands without knowing why.

I found this a very good reference for beginners. Tells you what to keep in mind, to-do and NOT-to.

It was a fun hour for me. And the cookie didn’t disappoint. At least according to my mom’s comment (it tastes like something you can buy), and that made me smile so wide. Enough motivation to keep going and keep trying new things.

Simple tips that stuck with me:
•Follow the directions intently, measurements accurately.
•I didn’t want it too sweet so I decreased the sugar a little
•Peanuts neutralize the sweetness (Chrizeldi said this to me before in the office), explaining why I love how Ferrero is the perfect taste for me, so I put a looot! Besides it’s more fun to chew with nuts. Kind of makes it a searching game- find the next nut
•Mix the dry ingredients and mix the wet ones separately before mixing them together.

So that’s it. It was a successful first attempt. Not bad for a first-timer.

Feeling of accomplishment comes to those who try.

( I was thinking of taking a photo step by step but worried that it might be a mess, so maybe next time : j)

What will be your dare for the day? : j