European breakfast

After the high of the surreal landing at  Charles de Gaulle airport wore off and my hypothalamus started sending hunger signals, thoughts of munching on authentic croissant piqued my traveler mind.

The craving wasn’t at all hard to satisfy. It came voluntarily! First meal!

I didn’t know if it’s psychological, but my taste buds and the french pastry seem to have a special relationship.

In my 13 breakfasts in Europe, I might have swallowed all varieties and flavors , in varying softness and temperature that the interest inevitably plateaud in the last quarter of the trip.

I mean, it never left the breakfast table. The options to pair it with a hot choco latte or Lavazza espresso or cappuccino, or spread it with a blueberry jam or a plain salted butter may change, but the leader of the band remains.

To say that this crescent shape bread is a European breakfast staple is an understatement to an understatement.

But let’s not take the spotlight off Nutella.

Nutella fever

If croissant comes hunting you down in your dreams, Nutella does, too! And in scary drum-big containers! I suddenly can’t look at my tiny Nutella bottle at home! They put it “IN” churros, in crepes; they have it in markets, in train stations, in streets!

Drowning Jar of Nutella

This continent sure knows how to patronize their own. And they don’t translate sign boards in English. Think about nationalism. It’s like, you come here? Learn our language, learn the culture. Immerse. And that, I think is the experience everyone’s raving about.

I believe we travel to feel out of our world for a moment. That’s precisely what travel to Europe gives you– a whole new world; the world of croissants and Nutellas and a whole lot other beautiful things in this world. : j

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