Philstar: Your advice to P-Noy.

Miriam Defensor-Santiago: Quit…(laughs) I mean that facetiously. I wouldn’t be president for anything in the world because it is so difficult. So to any person who occupies the post, I would simply say, for your own sake, you should consider resigning because it is such an impossible situation. At this stage of the evolution of our country, no way you can succeed because the Philippines at this time is a country turned against itself. And the prevailing virtues are jealousy, malice. There is no sense of shared destiny among Filipinos. So, my advice to Noynoy is life is messy. Deal with it.


That woman really makes brutal, flat out sense. The life of any leader of the country is difficult already, why do people have to make it harder than it already is?

“No sense of shared destiny among Filipinos” >> Same is true even with the entire humanity.


Yes I’m weak. But I’m strong enough to choose to have a life.

I need sunflowers.