Dont you think we should change the way we see death?

–that perhaps we should be racing towards death?

We can’t be on earth to just linger and populate it, right? –like decorations, just to make it appear like a real functioning planet because it has humans running their daily lives in it?

We have a purpose to be here for sure, I think.

And we are alive to fulfill that purpose, like a mission. We were sent here to accomplish a mission.

So as soon as we complete that task, we are recalled. Because staying any longer will just be meaningless. We’ll remain an aimless wanderer, a litter, an unnecessary noise.

If we are recalled (that is, dead), that would only mean we have achieved the purpose we were sent here for.

The earlier you are recalled, the faster and better you were at achieving your goal. So we should be racing towards finishing the purpose, right? That would make us better, more successful–for being among the early finishers, like in the marathon.

If we only see things this way, we will be celebrating instead of grieving. We will be pumped for our “teammate”, that is our family or friend, who got to finish ahead.

Or are we mourning/sad/bereaved because we lost to them?

I’ve always thought that if I stayed here on earth far longer than 65-70 years old, I should be really worried. All that time and I still havent done my task? I should be really slow or I’m really not working hard for it.

This of course doesn’t tolerate voluntary death, ie suicide, or forced death, ie murder. These will be regarded as cheating or being cheated.

Killing would be a means to cheat because you’re getting rid of those who you feel are detrimental to your win. They are seen as threats to their goal, or something. Just imagine a game that needs eliminating those who are on the way to winning first place.

So if this is the case, we should celebrate deaths, right? There should be fireworks and confettis, live bands, the works.

It’s a celebration for a job well done. For accomplishing your purpose on earth. So anyone who’s gone too soon should be seen as gifted ones. Rarely do we see anyone finishing that soon. That is such a feat.

So I always say for those who have gone– mission accomplished! If only it wouldn’t appear too offensive or morbid for the majority, I would even prefer to say, congratulations!