When Men Pull Off a Surprise

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Elite, professional, established men singing wild (as in Backstreet boys song wild!)– one awesome moment right there!

It’s a bonus that I get to see Sarah Meier raw, bowing her head in shame, gulping a glass of wine in disbelief, mouthing “what is happening?” All candid and real. : ]



Moments like this leave a wide smile on your face, doesn’t it? *Still smiling* : ]


Dubai Fountain Dances to Whitney

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The Greatest Love of All

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It must be all goose bumps to physically be there and watch the water dance to Whitney.


The early departure of Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, and Whitney Houston may be a sign to expect shorter life span from then on.

Or maybe just strong campaigns to not do drugs. Listen kids, and yes, you too, adults.

Other than that, Whitney got me to (involuntarily) audition The Greatest Love of All in gradeschool.  Aha, yes, I used to be a soprano as a child. Then estrogen happened. (I think every kid in my generation memorized this song by heart, like it was a national anthem)

I have my sister’s multiplexes and minus ones to thank for. Yes, we used to bother the neighborhood every afternoon to “practice”.

So thank you Whitney for inspiring us all as kids to want to sing and reach the high notes.

And for all the LSS’s we have today.



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So I’ve been creating a number of website account names and forever unable to use my exact name, Jayme del Rosario. There is always that someone who got it first, and worse, other varieties are taken as well.

This has become more annoying on Twitter, where varieties of the name (Jayme, Jaymedr, JaymedelR, etc) are unusable to the nth degree!

So, instead of fretting, I tried to Google these rightful owners, my namesakes, and see for myself what they are up to.

Then I felt appeased discovering that those who had the privilege to use the name for their websites are rockstars in their own rights! That I don’t have to share the name with someone who builds up criminal records for us. : ]

Exhibit A: Jayme del Rosario the sketch artist

jaymedelrosario.com (The major perpetrator. She’s got the dotcom! Kidding, Jayme : ])

screen shot from jaymedelrosario.com

Exhibit B: Jaymee the music artist

Jaymee Dee’s Youtube channel

They’re both really great talents! I’m impressed!

I found several others who were lawyers, writers, business tycoons, all bearing the name Jayme (and its variations).

I love the name. It doesn’t stereotype into just a male or female’s.

It’s dumbfounding as well to have sort of alter egos in the other side of the world, introducing themselves the same way I do. And rocking their own worlds, at that!

What’s more amazing is that these namesakes are into arts–it’s a consolation that a namesake is living the dream, the frustration.

Yes. I’m a frustrated artist. I felt like I have all these ideas on what to draw, but just can’t execute; the same way that I have my own music renditions in my head; and dance choreographies, but just not gifted enough to turn them into pieces of art. : ]

Well, I digress.

So yes, try looking for your doppelganger or namesakes. It’s fun. MJ was right, you are not alone.  : j

The Multi-lingual Christmas Mass

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Last Christmas eve, we welcomed the Christmas day with a “simbang gabi” or Christmas midnight mass in Sacred Heard School grounds. It started at 10:30 in the evening until the turn over to the Christmas day. It was attended in majority by Filipinos and Indians, though there are other nationalities as well. It was freezing cold having to stay in the open air for almost about two hours probably due to long lines during the offertory and the communion; that’s how many thousands of people attended the celebration. The Indians, maybe as a tradition, were wearing formal attires. Men in coat, the women in their beautiful, colorful, glittery Saris. I saw the Caucasians lifting their own stools on their way home, probably, learned the lesson already in the past.

It was a festive mood. The stage was all set up with sound system, lights, logistics, hospitality team, even cafeteria on a mass. The music was as upbeat as it can get, all in the tune of a Christmas song. The announcements were translated in variety of languages, some I could not even identify. I felt like I was in an airplane getting ready for the take off where the attendants are making themselves understood. The hospitality team scouts for vacant seats to offer to people who were not early enough to occupy one. The lines were well organized. Preparation it was!

The best part of the mass I can say was the choir, not the songs but that the choir was of children! How angelic children voices are. It makes each song soulful and meaningful, very innocent and pure. Then the weather and the sky adds up to the mood of the festivity. Everyone’s covered up by winter clothes, scarfs, boots, mittens and bonnets. Different nationalities seated side by side, singing together, responding to the officiating priest in chorus.

Getting into the venue was hard. We got lost several times being new ones in town. We thought we would not be able to make it such that a flock of cars, crowded and lined up deduced sparkles in our eyes. We finally found it and even more, we were able to find seats. At the entrance, there was an ice cream van (yes, a van that sells ice cream, much like the jolly jeep in Makati) and other things Christmas sold and shown.

It was a new stimulating experience for me. Though I have attended Christmas mass celebration in Hongkong- it was oh so beautiful as well, there was some feeling of community in this particular gathering.

The message of father Line, an imported General Santos priest, particularly flew in to lead the 9 simbang gabi til the Christmas was basic and simple–Go back to the basics and live simply. Gatherings like this only remind us that the differences-race, color, language, upbringing, etc, are null when it comes to humanity and community. Our being brothers in this human race is much bigger than the smaller groups we belong to. That in the end, we are one in spirit and in truth, just one tiny particle in a vast humongous space we occupy called the universe. If we just prevent being tangled up in our own little worlds, consumed by selfish desires or personal gains, we can actually own a world worthy of saving and dying for.

Bahrainis, Their Female-Driving Species, and Cars III

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On a brighter side, Bahrain has the best parking lots ever! Each parking area is a car show! We even saw series of cars parked side by side, all of which are wow, expensive, just awesome cars! Like they use race cars to go to the mall or eat out. The road is a total eye feast. Top down to your left, Mustang to your right, Porsche to your front, Dodge Charger for the police car, Camry for a cab, you just wont throw any car away! Honda seemed very ordinary, everyone’s everyday car.

These cars have some need for speed issues! You will not or seldom see a vehicle lower than 2.0! Charge that to the abundant supply of petrol! They can just burn oil away!

Cars here are necessities, not just a privilege for the rich. Well everyone seem rich so everyone has it. I have resolved to comparing their image of cars to our take on mobile phones, disposable, replaceable, something that everybody has. This is the same reason why they are not as vain to cars as we are. for us cars are luxuries, while for them, it’s just a means for transport. If it gets scratched or wrecked, the insurance can either pay for the repair or they can just get a new one altogether. This may also deduce their mindless approach to parking, you think?  I think.

Bahrainis, Their Female-Driving Species, and Cars II

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Then there is yet another story where in a narrow parking area, our car with three other cars on our tail was being approached by another car, apparently with a female local driver. In a long stretch of the narrow road, we are almost in the intersection of our turn, way out, but a newly approaching car of this local suddenly blocked our way causing immobility for both parties, with more cars inconvenienced in our side. On a natural course of traffic, the silent rule would be that the new in comer would have to drive back to give way. But in this scenario, the other end just wont move, expecting our side, plus 3 other cars to move back so that the lone car of hers can proceed. She even went down from her car to make a statement.

My brother already irritated by the turn of events, plus the nagging thought of insensitivity of the girl just struggled to signal to the other cars to his back to move so that they all moved to give way when it could have been easier if she did.

It has been a trivial mystery and so we theorized that maybe the Bahraini females are used to being treated like queens and princesses, royalty, for that matter, that they automatically assume that men should and always will adjust for their convenience.

For a female raised in a progressively gender sensitive, fight for male-female equality, society, this forced me a head motion of disapproval. This is totally a cultural gap if our theory is true.

Bahrainis, Their Female-Driving Species, and Cars I

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This is a general observation. They are not very mindful of their parking position. They usually occupy two parking lanes wherever parking lot it is. Then at an Iranian Souq that we went, as I was waiting for mom to return, I witnessed a classic parking style. The driver immediately as he was able to spot a lot for his car, drives in to the space diagonally, quickly, without utter regard for measurements and approximation. He drove directly, braked, lifted the hand break, switched the engine off, opened his door, dropped his shoes ahead of him to the road under him, and shoed in. You can just imagine the position of his car, occupying a great amount of lot, without approximation if the other car’s door can still be opened, or if his tail end is still out and at risk for an accidental hit for being way too out.

And this is not an isolated case. I have seen a whole lot of “misparked” cars. As a result, my brother will deliberately park to the far end where there are the least number of cars, to the farthest area, where little will want to locate themselves, for the smallest probability of being hit by the door opening mindlessly hitting and scratching the side of our vehicle.

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