Croissant and Nutella



European breakfast

After the high of the surreal landing at  Charles de Gaulle airport wore off and my hypothalamus started sending hunger signals, thoughts of munching on authentic croissant piqued my traveler mind.

The craving wasn’t at all hard to satisfy. It came voluntarily! First meal!

I didn’t know if it’s psychological, but my taste buds and the french pastry seem to have a special relationship.

In my 13 breakfasts in Europe, I might have swallowed all varieties and flavors , in varying softness and temperature that the interest inevitably plateaud in the last quarter of the trip.

I mean, it never left the breakfast table. The options to pair it with a hot choco latte or Lavazza espresso or cappuccino, or spread it with a blueberry jam or a plain salted butter may change, but the leader of the band remains.

To say that this crescent shape bread is a European breakfast staple is an understatement to an understatement.

But let’s not take the spotlight off Nutella.

Nutella fever

If croissant comes hunting you down in your dreams, Nutella does, too! And in scary drum-big containers! I suddenly can’t look at my tiny Nutella bottle at home! They put it “IN” churros, in crepes; they have it in markets, in train stations, in streets!

Drowning Jar of Nutella

This continent sure knows how to patronize their own. And they don’t translate sign boards in English. Think about nationalism. It’s like, you come here? Learn our language, learn the culture. Immerse. And that, I think is the experience everyone’s raving about.

I believe we travel to feel out of our world for a moment. That’s precisely what travel to Europe gives you– a whole new world; the world of croissants and Nutellas and a whole lot other beautiful things in this world. : j

Watch out for the rest of the travel story and pictures from my European trip on!


Lady Gaga’s Venture to Short Filming

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I’m gonna be a star, you know why? Because I got nothing left to lose” are the powerful words that made me sit on this 13-minuter of a music video from Lady Gaga.

I am not a fan of all her eccentric, attention-grabbing ways, but I liked that message, the same way I loved Born This Way.

Plus I just loOove how she fashionized the nurses’ uniform and her hospital gown. Tickled me to the bones. I so wish I am that level of a reformist that I was able to do that in my past life.

And I am gravitated towards great music video stories and filming.


My First Attempt at Baking

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My First Home-Made Cookies

After 27 years, I have finally mustered the courage to do one of my life’s intimidations—baking.

I have this picture of complicated set of steps, overwhelming manipulation of the oven, and a preconceived notion that it requires a certain level of palate talent to come up with a successful baked goodies.

I don’t know what triggered but I just found myself Googling cookie recipes and screen-capturing ingredients so that it will be handy for when we randomly visit the grocery.

And then we went and my supportive mother succumbed to buying the electric mixer (it helped that we saw together Dra Belo operate the mixer on Kristv. She has a serious case of appliance-buying compulsion, or simply buying, at that : ]).

Then I woke up today and read a tweet by Oprah saying, “Devote today to something so daring even you can’t believe you’re doing it.”

Don’t judge. Baking is daring enough for me. You see, I don’t have a culinary talent at all. My cooking skills can’t save my dear life.

So I opened the sealed mixer box, excited enough to try anything new, activity or machine. And proceeded belting out “How Do I Live” by Trisha Yearwood on the iPod as my background, obsessively following instructions on my screenshots, iPhone snugly and strategically positioned in front of me.


I was in disbelief seeing how easy it was. It was just mix and burn actually, wondering why I was so intimidated to try it before.

Now I have a lot of baking ideas to experiment in mind, void of precise recipe, just scientific intuition.

It pays to have learned basic chemistry concepts in college, having experimented on emulsification, leavening agents, or how acidic and alkaline substances (or simply, chemicals) react with others. It made my understanding easier. So I didn’t feel like a robot following commands without knowing why.

I found this a very good reference for beginners. Tells you what to keep in mind, to-do and NOT-to.

It was a fun hour for me. And the cookie didn’t disappoint. At least according to my mom’s comment (it tastes like something you can buy), and that made me smile so wide. Enough motivation to keep going and keep trying new things.

Simple tips that stuck with me:
•Follow the directions intently, measurements accurately.
•I didn’t want it too sweet so I decreased the sugar a little
•Peanuts neutralize the sweetness (Chrizeldi said this to me before in the office), explaining why I love how Ferrero is the perfect taste for me, so I put a looot! Besides it’s more fun to chew with nuts. Kind of makes it a searching game- find the next nut
•Mix the dry ingredients and mix the wet ones separately before mixing them together.

So that’s it. It was a successful first attempt. Not bad for a first-timer.

Feeling of accomplishment comes to those who try.

( I was thinking of taking a photo step by step but worried that it might be a mess, so maybe next time : j)

What will be your dare for the day? : j

Those Little Black Shoes

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Remember those black tasseled shoes popular way back in the 80s to early 90s in gradeschool?

I had my fair share of that pair and it didn’t look anywhere near nice to me, then.

So to see its comeback instantaneously made me stop by and take a photo with the sole intention of showing to the world that it’s back!


That drew back a lot of memories!

In that pair of shoes were:

black stained socks (from the shoe leather touching the foot edges)

leather and sole parting ways in the middle (worn out by too much running and jumping)

unleveled socks in height or in color

old school shoe polish and brush (cleaning done nightly ready for inspection in school)

And many more memories only childhood can provide.

So yes, the tassels (on a black shoe) are back!

All-Time Favorite Movies

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I happen to pass by City of Angels on cable and gush how it’s been an all-time favorite. So I decided to blog about my ALL-TIME FAVORITE MOVIES– all those I do not mind watching over and over and still elicit the same response.

Here goes..

City of Angels First word: Love



Forrest Gump First word: Awe


The Green Mile  First word: touched


Shrek First word: happy!


Mulan  First word: inspiration


Armageddon  First words: father’s love


Well there’s a whole bunch of list actually, a movie buff that I am. Those are at least the first titles that come to mind when asked the favorite movie question. Yes, I’m a sucker for feel-good movies. For me that’s the point of sitting down and spending hours of time– to feel good. Relax.

Of course there are times when mood calls for something moving, soul-enriching, or downright profound. It really all depends on what the mood wants. The mood’s the boss.

What are yours?  What is that movie that elicits the same response it gave you when you favorited it the first time?


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So I’ve been creating a number of website account names and forever unable to use my exact name, Jayme del Rosario. There is always that someone who got it first, and worse, other varieties are taken as well.

This has become more annoying on Twitter, where varieties of the name (Jayme, Jaymedr, JaymedelR, etc) are unusable to the nth degree!

So, instead of fretting, I tried to Google these rightful owners, my namesakes, and see for myself what they are up to.

Then I felt appeased discovering that those who had the privilege to use the name for their websites are rockstars in their own rights! That I don’t have to share the name with someone who builds up criminal records for us. : ]

Exhibit A: Jayme del Rosario the sketch artist (The major perpetrator. She’s got the dotcom! Kidding, Jayme : ])

screen shot from

Exhibit B: Jaymee the music artist

Jaymee Dee’s Youtube channel

They’re both really great talents! I’m impressed!

I found several others who were lawyers, writers, business tycoons, all bearing the name Jayme (and its variations).

I love the name. It doesn’t stereotype into just a male or female’s.

It’s dumbfounding as well to have sort of alter egos in the other side of the world, introducing themselves the same way I do. And rocking their own worlds, at that!

What’s more amazing is that these namesakes are into arts–it’s a consolation that a namesake is living the dream, the frustration.

Yes. I’m a frustrated artist. I felt like I have all these ideas on what to draw, but just can’t execute; the same way that I have my own music renditions in my head; and dance choreographies, but just not gifted enough to turn them into pieces of art. : ]

Well, I digress.

So yes, try looking for your doppelganger or namesakes. It’s fun. MJ was right, you are not alone.  : j

The Azkals Experience in Bahrain

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July 16, 2011
Bahrain National Stadium

The 1st not-so-friendly BahrainPhilippines Friendship Game happened with 3 men down.

Final Score: 2 Bah-1 Phi. The Azkals were able to score despite jet lag and the unfavorable condition of playing inside an oven.

It was a Pinoy pride day. It’s so rejuvenating to cheer with your countrymen outside your country! We felt the ironic home court advantage.

One of my favorite moments

This is one of my favorite moments in a football game: players neatly lined up against a clean green pitch, flags leading the way, and kids hand-in-hand with the players (this kinda brings out the softee side from a toughee image).

July 17, 2011

About a month ago, news came from mom that the Azkals will come visit Bahrain; we both don’t have a clue why. News later spread that if they win against Sri Lanka, they’ll be facing Kuwait next. Now the visit made sense.

Then came a pool of unassuming (well, there were also some assuming representatives who may as well have been born with innate spunk) varied breeds of Azkals in the Philippine Embassy Bahrain in Mahooz for the courtesy call.

It has always been a pleasant atmosphere whenever I get surrounded by athletes or when in a sporting event, for that matter.

I only knew 5 of them: the Younghusbands (need I say more), Anton del Rosario (tagged in “Lahat dito del Rosario” page), Chieffy, on the news for scoring most of the time , Ali Borromeo (because of a friend). Ah and Neil Etheridge but he wasn’t there. All the rest were just faces to me (pretty faces at that).

Coach Weiss

Azkals Captain Aly Borromeo

The Younghusbands, James and Phil

Co-captain Chieffy Caligdong and Anton del Rosario posing for me

My awkward pose with Phil Younghusband

The Azkals in the Philippine Embassy Bahrain with the Ambassador

July 18

Okay, game 2, we’re late. kick-off starts at 7:30 and we’re just about to leave a little past 7. We battled through the long drive to the airport (where the stadium’s at) and the traffic, of course.

We parked at the first open space we found (which is above the gutter) and ran to where the people are crowding. There was a line to the entrance where tickets were also being sold. We run past them flashing our passes. We walked a while and found we were in the wrong side of the stadium so we run again to the main entrance.

Alas! there were no more seats left for us, so we occupied the staircase. Perfectly fine, we had a closer view although the organizers kept moving in front of us. Looked like we only missed quite a few minutes. But few minutes after, barely settled in my seat was the 1st goal of the game.

It was crazy! Rowdy! Total chaos! So hot and humid! SO much fun! Live action drama! : ]

After the courtesy call, I’m hooked. I needed to research who were those I had shaken hands with, talked to, and had my pictures taken with. : ] I knew more of them this time.

It’s a totally different experience watching events live. It’s crazier! I particularly like it when people are singing the national anthem in chorus. That’s one prouding moment. To see how a crowd of strangers can spontaneously create a united chant and cheer is heartwarming as well. And a lot (like I overheard) don’t even understand the game. They’re just proud to support the flag! : ]

Crowd cheering after a goal

Azkals Team Manager Dan Palami posing for me

Handshake after the game

Another day of natural high. Amy Winehouse should have watched more live games for it.

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