I’ve always been a (wo)man for the modern world. Anything that is happening at present, I’m in it, on it, for it.

Gone are the days when Asians are stereotyped for the black, silky, long hair. I used to have that; that was the happening then. Asian magazines will show you that the paradigm has shifted from that to all brightly, oddly, bordering manic hairstyles perfectly exhibited by the Japanese and the Koreans! It’s wild but it’s fun and exciting and a breath of liberating bright cool air!

It’s not the reason for dying my hair bright red last April, though. It was more of a long time fantasy which school and age has long restricted from taking place. Then I realized none of those circumstances are true anymore so I dived! Shaking at first but fully committed. Red! My sister even asked if I was rebelling or something, but for me it was more of a sense of liberty and care-freeness.

My hair and I, we have that special relationship. It can tell you of my disposition, the state of my mind. That’s how hard I think about hair dos. It’s a make or break. It’s the crowning glory (or failure) after all.

I have finally ticked this fantasy off my bucket list. And it was everything I thought it would be. I felt what I have long imagined to feel; it was a bonus that it looked good on me, too, I think.

It was more than a hair color change. It represented courage, commitment, and liberty. I told you, I have a special relationship with my hair. It’s that profound! : p

What has been your act of courage lately? Let me know, comment below!