The Greatest Love of All

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It must be all goose bumps to physically be there and watch the water dance to Whitney.


The early departure of Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, and Whitney Houston may be a sign to expect shorter life span from then on.

Or maybe just strong campaigns to not do drugs. Listen kids, and yes, you too, adults.

Other than that, Whitney got me to (involuntarily) audition The Greatest Love of All in gradeschool.  Aha, yes, I used to be a soprano as a child. Then estrogen happened. (I think every kid in my generation memorized this song by heart, like it was a national anthem)

I have my sister’s multiplexes and minus ones to thank for. Yes, we used to bother the neighborhood every afternoon to “practice”.

So thank you Whitney for inspiring us all as kids to want to sing and reach the high notes.

And for all the LSS’s we have today.