Nothing But Stories

Okay so 2006 I finally had the courage to blog, you can say I got sort of addicted to it. It has been my digital therapy. With a mind like mine, where thoughts wouldn’t stop most especially when stimulated by travel, fashion, photography, the creatives, people, and generally life, I had to have an outlet or else I might just talk to myself one day in public. Since I’m a Libra and I can’t decide just which one to focus on, I ended up making one for each.

So if you’re into travel, you may be interested to follow my travelthon.

or if you’re into fashion, build your own Lookbook and let’s hype each other.

But if you want my (and my friend’s)  thoughts on life, love, art, and what caught us in between (being a Jack and Jill of all trades that we are, there’s a lot of in-between, believe me), and you think you are also cursed or blessed to be one, maybe you can relate reading  on  jack and jill of all trades.

Well if you are photo-passionate as I am, looking at and taking pictures are your caffeine, let’s be on each other’s lists on 500px (it’s cool on there) or on Flickr, perhaps?

If you just love to see and post anything short, wise, poetic, or visually stimulatingly creative on Tumblr like me, find my follow button!

and of course, I have my own daily show full of commentaries on Twitter, so yes, please, go follow me. Besides everything on my blogs gets posted on there. Isn’t Twitter just amazing? Free freshly released news, free gossip, or well celebrity news updates if you please, free live updates on sports events or whatever events at that, first touch on launch and premieres, and infinite links to whatever information you want to bank your time on. So go, I share a lot of those on there plus inspiration/ motivations in between.

For this blog, everything else that doesn’t fit in any of those goes here. My thoughts just have to have their own space because they clash a lot together. : ]

Was that cyber information overload? Just try being in my head.

So that’s it! Nothing poetic here, just spontaneity.

Hit that follow button on your top left go! (wait, is that follow button always on the top left?) pffffffffffff…..

(And yes, I save a lot of my thoughts on my iPhone notes so I’m pretty much gravitated towards this theme.)


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